Optimize Performance
Utilize profiling data collected over time to confidently and statistically identify hot paths for optimization.
Optimize Performance
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If performance is part of the value of your product this is already second nature, but everyone needs to prepare to write more efficient software in a world where we're facing the end of Moore's Law (cost per performance has already stagnated).

Memory Usage Optimization

With Polar Signals Cloud, identifying memory leaks, excessive memory usage, and inefficient memory management patterns in your code becomes all to easy. By optimizing memory usage, such as reducing unnecessary allocations or improving garbage collection strategies, you can improve the overall performance and stability of your software.

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"Polar Signals Cloud has become a critical product in our software lifecycle, from informing how and where to write high-performance code in development, to understanding how it behaves in production and using it to troubleshoot performance-related incidents. Nothing else gives us detail down to the process, thread, and line number and as actionable as Polar Signals Cloud can."

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Nikhil Benesch

CTO, Materialize

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