Understand Incidents
Travel back in time to pinpoint incidents and issues. Profiling data provides unique insight and depth into what a process executed over time.
Understand Incidents
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With Polar Signals Cloud you always have all performance data available across your entire infrastructure and throughout time. This removes the guesswork and instead allows you to focus on the fix. Understand the difference between version A and B, or two points in time, or two Kubernetes clusters!.

Incident Root Cause Analysis

Polar Signals Cloud captures detailed information about the execution of your application code. We provide insights into the specific functions, methods, or lines of code that are consuming excessive resources or causing performance issues.

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“By making the root cause for most performance issues painfully obvious Polar Signals Cloud lets our engineering teams skip the debate about why so they can focus on the fix.”

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Dan Gillespie

CTO, Indent

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